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Aoike: The Blue Pond

Aoike: The Blue Pond

In Japan there are mysterious places often shown in photos but where nobody really seems to go. Aoike – literally the Blue Pond (青い池) – is one of these. This pond is in fact in the most popular area of Hokkaido, Furano, where all the cows gather and moo plaintively to attract tourists. But seriously, if you’ve seen pictures of lavender fields in Japan, it’s very likely Furano.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

I didn’t want to visit Aoike and be just another brick in the wall. So I took Airi, my adventurer friend, on a night visit. A large empty parking lot, a path leading into the forest, the Milky Way overhead. I get out my two flashlights and we set off. Beware of bears.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

It’s pitch black! The pond is only 10 minutes walk from the car park but I think that in case of a bear problem we’ll really have to run for it! The pond is invisible to the naked eye, so I have to illuminate the scene.

Milky Aoike

Well, that’s about the kind of result I wanted (minus the clouds and the moonlight at the side). But after 30 minutes messing about and running around everywhere, we choose to leave. The risk of ending up as bear snacks is too great. We’ll come back tomorrow morning.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

Finally, around 6.30, there’s nobody around. Bu the light isn’t ideal and late afternoon would seem a better choice. We enjoy the quiet. The first rays pierce through the birch trees and the colours sparkle on the water.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

I settle myself behind an old man who comes here to paint Aoike in all conditions and at all seasons.

I didn’t want to break the spell too soon but this place is actually not entirely natural. It’s the result of construction to prevent sudden erosion that could be caused by nearby volcanic activity. This system protects the Biei area downstream.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

I recommend you a visit by night if you aren’t scared of bears. Or at anytime, this place is always beautiful anyway 🙂

  • Hm. The blue looks different from when I went there. Maybe it also depends on the season?
    Interesting night shots! ^__^

  • These naked trees in the water brings my memory back to happy times when I visited Russian North…

    • Now you make me wonder how the North of Russia looks like. I have no idea 🙂 I would love to see your photos.

      • North of Russia (Karelia, for example) lies near Finland. These places are foresty with small hills and rocks, wide lakes and swamps. It’s still not that extremely cold North as Yakutsk, Murmansk and other cityes near and beyond the Polar Circle. Russian Norht is a great example of Nature. I’ll post some photos later.

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