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Snow Storm in Roppongi

Snow Storm in Roppongi

The snow falls every year in Tokyo. Once. This year again, it’s been snowing. But twice, violently, and the snow was going with a a strong and freezing north wind. Oh yes, I know some of you are going to love this.

Red Umbrella in the Snow
Red Umbrella in the Snow.

Unfortunately that wasn’t a pleasure cruise for me. As usual, I wasn’t prepared at all for an extremeny cold weather – I hardly have any other clothes than shorts and tee shirts – but I didn’t wanted to miss the opportunity to take some pictures after work.

My Midtown Tree
My Midtown Tree.
Snow and Sakura
Snow and Sakura.
Snowy Midtown Front
Snowy Midtown Front.
Tokyo Snow Bike #1
Tokyo Snow Bike #1. 
Tokyo Snow Bike #2
Tokyo Snow Bike #2.
Tokyo Snow Bike #3
Tokyo Snow Bike #3.
Midcotton Park
Midcotton Park.
Snowy Roppongi Pond
Snowy Roppongi Pond.
Midtown Snow Heaven
Midtown Snow Heaven.
Vending Machines
Vending Machines,
Frey's Famous Pizzeria
Frey’s Famous Pizzeria.
Japanese Goulag
The Japanese Goulag.

You have some photos of snow-covered Tokyo or some links to such pictures ? Feel free to share them. And if you are fed up with snow and cold weather, don’t worry. Flowers are blooming and temperatures become milder. Spring is coming.

  • Andrew M

    Alas, we don’t have nearly that much snow here where I live in the US. And I live further north latitude then Tokyo. 🙁

    • Japanese people would think you are being ironic here 🙂 Most of them really don’t like those stormy snowy days, it is like terrible!

  • Ca donne très très envie d’y être !

  • Ashiroy

    Hello. I am from China and I am extremely fond of Japanese culture. I really like your articles and photos. Good luck with your exploration! 🙂

    • Hello Ashiroy! I used to live in China (in Dalian, exactly). Where are you from? You maybe don’t know this but Totoro Times is not popular at all in China. I only have very very few visitors. So I am really glad you are here 🙂 Do you have access to Facebook? Did you like the Totoro Times page? Would love to have you around more.

      • Ashiroy

        Oh Dalian is a really good city and I have been there. I believe Dalian used to be some kind of colonized by Japan, so there might be some interesting relation between Dalian and Japan.

        I am from Zhuhai, a sea town near Hong Kong and Macau. I love Totoro page very much not only because its amazing articles and photos about JP but also because I am a big fan of Ghibli ! As you may know, China is a country that does not pay much attention to copyrights, and therefore most works of Ghibli spread in China are pirate, but I buy all of CDs of Ghibli, instead of watching on the Internet, and them. I think your blog is interesting enough to attract an influx of Chinese people. I plan to buy your book, even though I am not good at Japanese :p

        I have Facebook but since facebook (twitter, google and ins as well)is blocked in China, most of my friends do not use it frequently, and seldom I 🙁 (we can use VPN to have access in these blocked sites, though) I am very glad to meet you, and I hope we could have a nice communication.

        btw, could you tell me what you went to China for? I am curious. Thank you.

        • I lived in Dalian for some kind of master diploma in software engineering. I was actually not going to class that much, most of the times I was riding cheap trains all around the country! I actually have a blog with my old photos. It was in 2005 🙂 Long time ago…

          I don’t know Zhuhai but actually I plan to visit this area, there are a few places I really really want to see soon. Probably in September.

          If you are interested in my book in Japanese I can send it to you and sign it! I don’t use Renren so you can contact me at the bottom of this page: Let’s talk 🙂

  • al

    so beautiful .I have never seen snow


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