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Basque Country

Basque Country

With the doubt of any beach can be more pleasant than the ones in Arcachon, we started our trip towards the boarder of France and Spain; the Pays Basque. This area within France is known for its big red chilli peppers, which have nice spicy taste, but not too hot. The local products like the spicy chocolate or mustard is worth trying, also the local dishes prepared heavily spiced with the pepper is a real treat.

Pays Basque - Countryside

Pays Basque - Hills

Pays Basque - Contrast

Pays Basque - Colorful Street

Pays Basque - Fish Dish

Pays Basque - Brasserie

Pays Basque - Night

The cities in Pays Basque on the French side and the Spanish side are completely different: Housing wise the French has kept their poetic countryside style, while the Spanish side constructed completely with the post industrial age’s concrete blocks. The difference remains if we compare the people: French as the way we know them to be, stay quite relaxed especially in the small villages where only tourists visit; while the Spanish shows their enthusiastic characters in the impressive and restless way.

Pays Basque - Touristic Beach

Pays Basque - Marina

Pays Basque - Beach

Biarritz - Beach

Biarritz - Rocher de la Vierge

Pays Basque - The Castle of Ilbarritz - B&W

Pays Basque - The Castle of Ilbarritz

As tourists coming from France, we were quite surprised by this part of Spain. There were tapas street that never sleeps with great food, crowded people and streets full of litters; There were shops and bars remained utterly in the 80s, with people dressed also in the old fashioned way, faces sparked by the disco balls rotating on top of their heads; There were celebrations or revolutions going on, with every single man, woman, child taking days off and going on the street, wearing colorful costumes to show their opinion.

Pays Basque - Spanish Side

San Sebastián - Tapas Bar

San Sebastián - Tapas Street

San Sebastián - Plaza de la Constitución

This is an area made too fragmental to put together for a big picture. Only a couple hours drive around along the boarder, you will be wondering around in many different worlds or times. But as long as the good food follows, we shall smile.

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.