Disneyland - Tigger

Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

It is a very sunny winter morning. The sun is high, not a cloud in the sky. Appalled by the gigantic Christmas tree, I instantly dropped into the Disney dreamworld.

Disneyland is always a controversial place for adults. I have heard boys complaining that they do not understand why grown-ups can still enjoy such a place. As a girl, however I feel quite justified dreaming about Cinderella’s castle even till now. With Christmas drawing near, going to the Disneyland is surely a boost for all the festive magic! And the actual experience certainly met all my expectations.

Disneyland - The Crowd and the Tree

It is a very sunny winter morning. The sun is high, not a cloud in the sky. Appalled by the gigantic Christmas tree, I instantly dropped into the Disney dreamworld. Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore are welcoming people as usual, and there is a big crowd around them instantly. I looked at my silly old bear from a distance, deciding that is good enough, because I have a very important ‘appointment’ in the morning.

Disneyland - Presents List

Disneyland - Green Mickey

Disneyland - Grumpy

Everywhere looks real perfect: snowy trees, all the best Christmasy decorations you would ever dream of and people in their warm and funny hats. We thus took some time taking pictures of them all, until my other 2 friends arrived. We then headed straight towards Toontown, as I said, we have an important appointment to attend. 😉

Disneyland - Running

Even with an appointment, the is still a long waiting. Luckily I do not mind spending time exploring all the changes happened in Toontown; every house has a distinctive Christmas tree (Minnie’s tree being full of pink ribbon ranked No.1), all the ‘tree men” got nice red scarves, some holiday greetings were even pained on the wall. All is very fine and jolly.

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Then later we are let into one of the houses, my appointment time is drawing near. I do not know whether you can guess whose house this is by the interior, but it was quite easy for me. But the size of it did took me by surprise. We walked around for ages checking all sorts of items in the house, not realizing another hour had just passed by.

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Finally we are in front of a closed door. A girl was watching the door. It is supposed to be our appointment time, so she agreed to go inside and have a look. ‘Celebrities should never be late for their appointments with fans.’ I thought, feeling quite agitated. Luckily I bet Mickey thinks the same, as we were soon allowed in, right on time. When we entered, Mickey were still busy talking to some kids and saying good byes. We waited until the others are gone, then the room became exclusive for us and the Mickey Mouse.

Disneyland - Fireworks Building

It was a very pleasant meeting, we had an enjoyable conversation with Mickey, and took photos for the memory. In the end I was a bit sad to leave the dear mouse, and he saw it as well. So he took my hand and gave me a kiss. Cheerful and gentle as he always is, I soon felet better and ready to enjoy the day again. The meeting ended with Mickey posing all randomly for our French photographer. Some best shots of the century for sure! Should publish them on Disney Daily 😉

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I was feeling all relaxed and content after the important appointment done successfully. Instead of queuing for every single ride, we decided wandered around. Ate some popcorn, watched some parade, did some Christmas shopping and took many lovely pictures.

japan, japanese, kanto, tokyo

Disneyland - Cinderella Castle

Disneyland - Randall

Disneyland - Little Girl

Disneyland - Tigger

Disneyland - Stop

Disneyland - Helen Parr

Disneyland - Paint

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japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo

japan, japanese, kanto, tokyo

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In the winter, sun always go to bed too early. At 5pm,  we are underneath the starry sky already. The main show of the night of course is the electronic parade and the fireworks. From on top of Cinderella’s castle we heard the Santa Claus, his “hohoho” started the countless blossoms shining high in the sky. The sparkles reflected all the dreams I have had since little, quietly withdrawn into the bright stars in the sky. Much as we grow up, Cinderella’s castle will always have music and balls at night, waiting for our return.

Disneyland - Fireworks

Disneyland - Christmas Tree

Disneyland - Walking

Merry Christmas!

 PS: Jordy thanks Amaury for lending him his precious D700 and his lenses on that day 🙂