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My Books

I published my first book in 2013 and I have now a total of 5 official books available on Amazon and in bookstores.

Abandoned Japan

My latest book, published in November 2015, is also my first book written in English. As you probably know, English is not my native language but don’t worry, all the texts have been nicely written by a british lady! 😉 This book is about haikyo, abandoned places in Japan. I worked a lot on the content to make it my final and the perfect book about the subject. Make sure to check it out, I believe it is an awesome one.

Abandoned Japan

You can order it here, on If you are interested in getting a signed version of it, please contact me.

Birei no Haikyo (美麗廃墟)

My first book released in Japan, in December 2014. This book contains a lot of new photos along with explanations about the ruins and their stories in Japanese. The selection is particular and very much in the Ghibli spirit. There are also cute tiny surprises throughout the book (thanks to Dreamy!).

Birei no Haikyo

The book is available on Amazon Japan (and in bookstores in Japan) but I can also send it to you with a dedication.

Nippon no Haikyo : Vestiges d’un Japon Oublié

It is my very first book published in bookstores and on Amazon. This really nice book was released in November 2013 thanks to the fantastic Éditions Issekinicho. It is a very big book with an impressive printing quality, containing a lot of stories and aventures. If you love Totoro Times you must have this book. It is also the first book about Urban Exploration in Japan released in another language than Japanese, isn’t that cool?

Nippon no Haikyo

Nippon no Haikyo

Nippon no Haikyo

Nippon no Haikyo

Nippon no Haikyo

You can buy it on Amazon France. In French.

Corée du Nord : Escale Photographique

I had the chance to travel to North Korea. That was after the death of Kim Jong-il so the country was in a very tense and special atmosphere. The book contains many photos with simple texts to set the historical background, the description of the places I have visited and my feelings about the experience. You will love it if you are interested in North Korea and/or black tourism but no chance to go there by yourself.

This book is available on Amazon France and was released in 2014. In French.

The Yearbook

Each year since 2010, in December, I publish by myself a Yearbook with what I consider my best photos of the year. The book is simple, with an average of 120 photos per book. The locations or people are mentioned below. The books are very personal and sometimes intimate. If you really like my work you will love those books. In bonus, you will find my aging face at the back of each book 😉 I am looking forward for the Yearbook 2060…

The Yearbook

You can get those books on Amazon US : Yearbook 2010, Yearbook 2011, Yearbook 2012, Yearbook 2013, et enfin, Yearbook 2014.

Thanks for checking my work ! 🙂

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer living in Japan. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan. Wish to see more, or to help me? Here is my Patreon.