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Spring in Japan : Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

Spring in Japan is considered the best season in Japan thanks to its beautiful cherry blossoms (sakura). But the fresh green is also beautiful. Here are my best recommendations for Spring in Japan.

Niijima: The Island of Lava Cascades

After a pleasant overnight ferry trip from Tokyo, it’s 6am, and the outline of Niijima is already on the horizon. So here's the famous Easter Island of Tokyo! The distinctive feature of the island is that it consists of koga (rhyolitic lava), a type of volcanic rock....

Yoshinoyama, The Cherry-blossom Mountain

Mount Yoshino is the most famous sakura site in Japan. With more than 30,000 cherry trees covering the whole mountain, the very idea seems fantastic. But is this really the best site? To get off to a good start, here’s my favourite scene of the day.

Mifuneyama Rakuen: An Avalanche of Azaleas

Near the small town of Takeo there rises Mifuneyama, a proud mountain apparently covered with heads of broccoli. But a magical gardener has passed by and poured the juice of soft fruits over them, to announce the arrival of spring. Welcome to Mifuneyama Rakuen, a park that literally transports you to paradise.

Green Tea Fields at Mount Fuji

You can visit a very pleasant spot very near Mount Fuji to appreciate the fields of green tea. Best to go in spring, early in the morning.

The Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

I have been taken short notice once again by the early bloom of the cherry trees and I had to figure out an urgent day to wander the Tokyo streets and find nice scenes.

The Azaleas of Nezu Shrine

The biggest azaleas explosion is at Nezu Shrine : there are some 3,000 shrubs of about ten different colours, just that !

Spring 2013: The Sakura of Peace

This year my wish was to let Kami-sama take me by the hand for nice, random walks through the city and enjoy the hanami in a more spiritual and romantic way.

Yet Another Spring Comes in Japan

Last year when I first arrived in Japan, I was really looking forward to my first Hanami. But unfortunately the earthquake happened just before the warm south wind came, and everyone was told to constrain themselves and feel sad for the people who died and suffered, instead of enjoy cherry blossoms.

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.