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Summer in Japan : Beaches, Forest and Mountains

Summer in Japan is hot, but there are many places where we can get refreshed… in the mountains, forests, and also in one of all those beautiful secret beaches.

Aragijima : The Island of Rice Paddies

After visiting the lovely Wakanoura district and two magnificent temples in Wakayama (I’ll come back to those another time), I take a wide detour on the way back to Nara.  Direction the terraced rice fields of Aragijima Island! I’d expected no less. The view of the...

Niijima: The Island of Lava Cascades

After a pleasant overnight ferry trip from Tokyo, it’s 6am, and the outline of Niijima is already on the horizon. So here's the famous Easter Island of Tokyo! The distinctive feature of the island is that it consists of koga (rhyolitic lava), a type of volcanic rock....

Japan’s Suicide Forest: Aokigahara

Aokigahara, known as Japan’s suicide forest, is a unique place in other ways. Silent, no wildlife in sight, magnificent trees and shrubs, and really easy to lose yourself in.

Oshima and its Black Desert

Oshima is the largest island in the Izu peninsula. It has an active volcano surrounded by black desert… the only desert in Japan!

Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Motonosumi Inari Shrine is located in western Japan, far from the rest of the world. The nearest city, 80 kilometres away, is Yamaguchi. Never heard of it?

Futtsu Park

Futtsu has something special to offer (who’d have thought it!) – a park on a small narrow peninsula. By stretching things a little (6 kilometres anyway), you can reach the seaport of Yokosuka on the other side and make a complete tour of Tokyo Bay.

Kumamoto: Greenery and Limpid Water

I've been through Kumamoto Prefecture on several occasions. Overwhelmed by all the sights to see, I only wrote about the famous Laputa Road. But it's time to fix that. Join me as I make my way through Kumamoto's gorgeous locales - by car, train, boat,...

Goshikinuma : Five Coloured Lakes

Goshikinuma is a hidden corner at the foot of the mountain in Fukushima prefecture, with five differently coloured volcanic lakes.

Laputa Road

Did you enjoy the Studio Ghibli animation Castle in the Sky? Then you’ll fall under the spell of this part of Kyushu: the Laputa Road.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

In Japan there are mysterious places often shown in photos but where nobody really seems to go. Aoike – literally the Blue Pond is one of these.

Ebisu Iwa & Daikoku Iwa

Turn your head to the right and there’s a surprise: the handsome rocks of Ebisu and Daikoku basking in the Sea of Japan.

The Azumino Wasabi Farm

The spot is marvellous: the birds, the sound of the water and the squealing mills… and from time to time, a damn mosquito.

The Torii of Miyajima

I visited the back alleys of Miyajima, I discovered the place where fawns meet together, I took a unique walk in a temple that was even more unique, I ate a lot both grub and junk food.

Taketomi: The Bougainvilleas Island

It’s early morning in Okinawa and the sky is already ocean blue. Without any hesitation, we jump right away in the first boat direction the paradise: the Taketomi Island!

Zamami, Aka & Love in Between

After visiting the urban side of Okinawa with Naha and Nago, here we are now in the ferry, on the way to Kerama Islands, more precisely Zamami and Aka Islands.

One Day in Izu Peninsula

In summer, the Izu Peninsula is ideal to spend a refreshing week-end. Located a hundred kilometers away from Tokyo, I strongly suggest to rent a car to enjoy the fabulous seaside.

The Fireworks of Edogawa

An illuminated Fuji-san, followed by 4 big bursts of fireworks on its top: that’s the signature of the Edogawa Fireworks.

The Highest Dam of Japan: Kurobe

Kurobe Dam is considered a big success in Japan. It is by far the tallest dam in Japan, with a very impressively beautiful artificial lake.

The Usui Pass and the Meganebashi

The contrast of the red and the green surrounding created a perfect balance, peaceful and romantic. In my vision, some girl from the countryside is likely to appear on the bridge on a old fashioned bike…

Tsumago, Kiso Valley

Tsumago Village. Let’s explore this traditional village, in the heart of Nagano Prefecture.

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.