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The Concept

I created my own project called Promoting the Heart of Japan.

Japan is famous abroad for its megalopolises and areas such as Hakone or Miyajima. Unfortunately, guides usually don't cover too many other remotes places. Information can be found on Internet but it is overwhelming, many websites tend to try to cover every little parcel of Japan without any specific focus.

I set up the standard high and I want to create the ultimate offbeat guide of Japan and its less famous but beautiful places. This is achieved through good photography and an unbiased point of view.

Who Am I

I am a photographer and an engineer living in Japan for 10 years. Software engineering is my main income, photography is certainly not (unfortunately) but it is my passion. I also love Japan and I traveled a lot around the country for the last past five years. Now I would like to pack everything in a perfect and beautiful guide. Traveling is however very costy and I cannot succeed this way. I then realized it was best for me to share my projects with the locals and to get help. I would help the tourism to grow in less-known area and be able to finish my guide sooner and more efficiently. I would be at the country's service while enjoying my hobby.

The Yama Shrine
Okochi Sanso

This Guide's Strength

The guide is only made by me. The choice and type of the places are consistent and the quality of the photos will be always high. This guide is made to please and attract visitors who are more adventurous and who are looking for less common & off the beaten track areas. Since I want the guide to be trusted, the selection focus on very good locations only.

gunma, japan, japanese, kanto
gunma, japan, japanese, kanto

Social Networks

– 20,000+ fans on Facebook – 25,000+ followers on Google+ – 5,000+ followers on Twitter – 50,000 unique visitors / month

Demographics: – 40% France – 30% US / UK – 20% Japan

The Offer

This website doesn't run any ads. It focuses on photography and information for its visitors. How can it cover all the areas without any financial return? Very slowly, at the cost of its owner. Or with your help.

I don't get usually contacted by local government and businesses. On the contrary, I contact them and offers to promote their area and local business (ryokan, craftsmanship…).

I need help like transportation (train, car), lodging and advices of places to visit.  If you have governmental power, you could ask a ryokan or a car rental to help. If you are a ryokan, it is even easier, you might have a room available. In return for this help, I write an article on Totoro Times promoting your area and the local business along with beautiful photos. The articles are in French, English and potentially also in Japanese. A selection of photos will also be shared with the local government or business.

abandoned, haikyo, hospital, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

The Goal

Before the Olympic Games of 2020, I would have covered all those beautiful places throughout Japan that deserved to be known and visited. Those places would have been already famous for a few years through the website.

In parallel with that, I would like to make a guidebook. I would complete others such as The Lonely Planet or Le Guide du Routard, it doesn't intend to replace them.

chubu, fields, japan, japanese, mount fuji, natural, nature, shizuoka, spring, yamanashi
Ebisu Iwa

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.