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Tokyo Comiket 81: The Orgasm of the Geek

If you want to get a erotic manga featuring Hello Kitty and Totoro, it’s probably the only place in the world where it’s possible to find !

A 100% geeky Japanese army is climbing up the stairs of  Tokyo Big Sight, a famous exhibition center in Tokyo. The destination ? The Comiket, a comic market very original and special. There will be half a million geeks at the end of the day. Let’s go take a look.

Japanese Army

The exhibition is very famous for its cosplayers, andthat was also the reason of my visit. Before that, I’ve only seen them at Harajuku, and it wasn’t that impressive. But I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed at the Comiket. 

Red Blue Cosplay

Young Pig

Sexy Cosplay

But the real speciality of the Comiket, it’s the  dōjinshi. Those are self-published mangas, very often derived from popular ones, and/or with a too sensitive content to be published officially. If you want to get a erotic manga featuring Hello Kitty and Totoro, it’s probably the only place in the world where it’s possible to find ! Otherwise, you can still have a look at the pedophile or zoophile mangas (note here that Hello Kitty and Totoro together would apply for both types). We can also of course find some softer content : there are numerous homosexual romantic mangas. And you can hide whatever you buy in this bag below. Very discreet on the subway back home.

Keep Out

The exhibit is huge ! Tables are aligned one after the other, with often women authors behind them, available to discuss about theirs mangas or to sign them. Visitors are queuing in many places in order to get special items (and the waiting time is sometimes more than 3 hours!). But let’s focus on the cosplay from now on.

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo

Porco Rosso is the only Ghibli character I found in this exhibition. It’s also the ugliest, not very hard to play. It just requires an originally very piggy face, then it is a sure win. This one is quite succcessful.

Porco Rosso

By walking a bit more, we meet many beautiful unknown girls. I don’t know much about anime, so if you know about them, please let a comment.

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo

QB (キュゥべえ) is a huge white animal. He couldn’t stand the naked girls and the warmth coming out from the surrounding geeks : it is the first day of the exhibition, but that thing has already fainted!


We also can find many popular characters : Freezer (Dragon Ball Z), NarutoAuron de Final Fantasy X… But the geeks aren’t focusing on them. The girls, definitely, are more attractive.

Purple White Cosplay


Final Fantasy X

 The Japanese girls have most of them very sexy costumes, that draws our geeks army to ask for meishi very frenetically. Unfortunately, those demands almost always end in failure! What a ruthless world we are living in.

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo

The next cosplay is particularly great. The girl has a face of good features, a perfect make-up and her costume fits her very well.

Sweet Cosplayer

The next one, with rabbits on her ears, she’s supposed to be Yuki Nagato (the manga/anime Suzumiya Haruhi). But it’s hard to truly recognize her. We give her a special mention anyways : she was cute and quite nice (even though it doesn’t appear at all on this picture).

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo
Nagato Yuki.

In a very different style, here is a cook ! There are cosplayers for every tastes 🙂


We shouldn’t forget the kawaii cats ! There were so many. Please click on the pictures to see them full screen, you can’t miss that Japanese craziness. Let’s say that… it’s cute.


Hello Kitty

Black Rock Shooter

The advantage of this exhibition is that we were warmly welcomed with our cameras. They all posed for us so willingly, with smile and pleasure ! It is a paradise place for those who want to learn how to take pictures of cosplayers.


K-On! She was the big hit last year (2001) at the movie theater. This cosplay is really great, especially given the fact that it is very hard to be as cute as Yui Hirasawa, the guitarist and main character.

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo

The two next cosplayers are super cool. They give me the interesting feeling that I’m welcomed in Japan.

Cute Cosplayers

The fake military guy below is a N.E.E.T. : an armed layabout who protect this job (of layabout) and his home. I’m not even joking, the initials mean “Not in Education, Employment or Training” !

The following two girls are Mylène Farmer watching, with a weird smile, a child cutting her throat.





And here is my favorite picture of the day : a horde of photographers shooting the  colorful “Crazy Clown”.

japan, japanese, kanto, people, tokyo
Zatsune Miku.

And to tag along with the beauty, what can be better than a Hitler cosplay ? What ! Tragedy ! The proof that we can find really anything at the Comiket.


That will be all. The Comiket happens twice a year, once in Winter and once in Summer. For more information, please check the official website of the du Comiket (also available in english), and don’t forget its Wikipedia page, way more interesting.