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Winter in Japan : Ski and Onsen

Winter in Japan is not my favorite period but there are still many surprising places to visit, and of course onsen in the snow, heartwarming ryokan, frozen waterfalls…

Ginzan Onsen : Silver Mine Hot Springs

Ginzan Onsen, c’est l’occasion de retourner à l’ère Taisho, les pétons au chaud dans un ashiyu tout en profitant d’une scène idyllique sous les flocons de neige.

Zao Fox Village

At Zao, in Miyagi prefecture, lies the answer to an eternal question: why do we say something is foxy!? With a hundred foxes roaming around, you’ll have an extreme immersion experience.

Yamanouchi: Chihiro, Monkeys & Onsen

My favourite film from the Ghibli studios is Spirited Away. A number of ryokan inspired this anime fantasy, particularly Kanaguya, near the famous Jigokudani monkeys in the town of Yamanouchi.

Senmaida Rice Paddies in Shiroyone

Shiroyone Senmaida (白米の千枚田) has 1000 rice paddies in Shiroyone. Located on the Noto Peninsula, it’s beautiful at night, with the lights on.

Snow Storm in Roppongi

The snow falls every year in Tokyo. Once. This year again, it’s been snowing. But twice, violently, and the snow was going with a a strong and freezing north wind.

A Winter in Shirakawa-gō

The Shirakawa-go town is only illuminated on select evenings in winter so don’t go there without looking into it beforehand!

Doai Station: The Deepest in Japan

In the middle of Gunma Prefecture, there is an infernal train station : this one takes you straight to the center of the earth! Almost.

The Milky Way ~ A Nocturnal Hiatus

When we looked up, a miracle revealed itself: billions of stars and the milky way stretched from one side of the sky to another.

Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland

It is a very sunny winter morning. The sun is high, not a cloud in the sky. Appalled by the gigantic Christmas tree, I instantly dropped into the Disney dreamworld.

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.