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Category: Kumamoto

Kumamoto: Greenery and Limpid Water

I've been through Kumamoto Prefecture on several occasions. Overwhelmed by all the sights to see, I only wrote about the famous Laputa Road. But it's time to fix that. Join me as I make my way through Kumamoto's gorgeous locales – by car, train, boat, or on foot! Kumamoto It was love at first sight when I stepped into Suizen-ji. If you're as fascinated by the Tokaido Road, the famous Edo Period (1603-1868) road connecting Kyoto and Tokyo, as I am, this park is a scaled down representation of it. Which means it's a much shorter trip than the...

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Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer living in Japan. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan. Wish to see more, or to help me? Here is my Patreon.