Enchanted forest with majestic giant tree in Chiba, Japan, exuding mystery and tranquility.

The Giant Maple Tree of Oihara

It’s still early and I leave Tokyo before sunrise. I take the long tunnel and the Aqua-Line bridge to the other side of Tokyo Bay, then follow a small mountain road that loses me somewhere in the heart of Chiba...

Hannya-ji Temple in Japan with vibrant cosmos flowers, showcasing cultural and spiritual beauty.

Hannya-ji: The Cosmos Temple

Nara is very pretty with plenty of hidden corners to visit that I’ll try to help you discover. One of my autumn favourites is Hannya-ji Temple.

Enchanting cherry blossoms at Yoshinoyama, Japan - a mesmerizing floral display against blue sky.

Yoshinoyama, The Cherry-blossom Mountain

Mount Yoshino is the most famous sakura site in Japan. With more than 30,000 cherry trees covering the whole mountain, the very idea seems fantastic. But is this really the best site? To get off to a good start, here’s...

Eternal Union: Meoto Iwa, Japans iconic coastal landmark symbolizing eternal unity.

Meoto Iwa: The Wedded Rocks

These two rocks connected by a thick rope and the little torii on top is one of these mysterious images that inevitably draw visitors to Japan. But if you actually go to see them won’t that strip them of their mystique...

Awe-inspiring Amanohashidate sandbar with lush surroundings and majestic mountains in Japan.


According to a Japanese philosopher, Amanohashidate is one of the three most famous views of Japan ... along with Matsushima and Miyajima.

Mystical night scene at Blue Pond in Biei, Hokkaido, with colorful celestial lights.

Aoike: The Blue Pond

In Japan there are mysterious places often shown in photos but where nobody really seems to go. Aoike – literally the Blue Pond is one of these.