Picturesque Japanese village street, wooden buildings, mountains

Okawachiyama: Pottery Village

The little village of Okawachiyama, in the remote mountains of Saga prefecture, was one of the cradles of Japanese ceramics. Founded by a samurai clan, its manufacturing secrets were well guarded!

Moonlit cherry blossom tree in tranquil landscape

The Sakura of Komatsunagi: Petals and Legends

Step away for a moment from the springtime cliché of Tokyo's crowded alleys to come and admire this majestic cherry tree. A solitary guardian, perched on a small hill by the banks of the Mao River, in the Awara region...

Rishiri Islands Volcanic Majesty: Towering Peaks, Serene Lakes

Rishiri Island

This wild island with its rich and protected fauna and flora is a nature lovers’ paradise. Guided tour available.

Kanazawas Cherry Blossom-Lined Geisha District Street

Kanazawa Spring and Winter

A city of heritage and history, Kanazawa offers a charming stroll through the Japan of yesteryear. From sakura to snow, a guided tour in two stages.

Snowy Magome-juku: Preserved Japanese Post Town Charm

Magome for All Tastes

Discover the picturesque little village of Magome at all seasons. Whatever the weather, this place isn’t lacking in charm!

Quaint Canadian village replica, rural Japan

Nostalgia for Canada at Hokkaido

Welcome to a Canadian ghost town in the heart of Hokkaido. Formerly a theme park reproducing the fictional village of Avonlea, Anne of Green Gables has long gone.

Exploring Uchikos Historic Charm: Step Back in Time

The Village of Yokaichi

The charming village of Yokaichi, in the countryside of Shikoku island, takes you back to the Meiji era. Its beautiful wooden houses are worth a lingering look.

Suspended Whimsical Wooden Boat Sculpture

Fujimori’s Tea houses In Nagano

Terunobu Fujimori is an architect and historian of architecture. He began his building career relatively late, in his early forties. Before that, he had forged a solid reputation as an academic.