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Gunkanjima: Hellish Arches

Gunkanjima: A Full-Moon Night

The night adventure on Gunkanjima started after some refreshments and a couple Onikoroshi.

The night adventure started after some refreshments and a couple Onikoroshi (Japanese sake sold in small paper cartons). Dancing under the moonlight on the rubble is the only way to keep warm. The chill of the night drove away mosquito, welcomed the nocturnal animals: some urban explorers with headlights, and the rats.

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Abandoned Island by Dawn

Gunkanjima by Dawn

Gunkanjima Sunset


Imagine on a full-moon’s night as today, are the miners singing this song? Were the Hashima Ginza lighted up, filled with young boys enjoying their hot sake after a whole day’s heavy labor? Were Building No.65 full of warm orange lights with housewives standing on the balcony calling their kids playing downstairs to come home for dinner? Were the bath full of hot steam washing away the sweat and tears of the miners…

Gunkanjima Block 18

Sunset on Gunkanjima Block 18

Gunkanjima Pillars

Sunset from the Stairway to Hell

Sunset Stairway to Hell

Gunkanjima at Night

We walk through the history, in silence only can we imagine all its glorious past, its stories told still by the howling north wind. The coldness sunk into your bone, the crying ghosts haunting each room, only by constant walking can you escape the deadly feeling, this is no ordinary midsummer night walk, this is Gunkanjima. Day and night, it haunts every soul that dares setting foot on its holy territory.

Gunkanjima Block 30 at Night

Gunkanjima Shooting Stars

Gunkanjima Mine by Night

Gunkanjima Star Trail

Silent Night on Hashima

Stairway to Hell by Night

Hashima Arches of Hell

The Skyfall on Gunkanjima

Gunkanjima by Night

Hashima Naked Lady Ghost

The Battleship Heart

Hashima Playground by Night

Block 67 "X" By Night

Gunkanjima Sunrise

Keep walking, it will be twilight soon. The ferry from Nagasaki is on its way to bring us back to life, just as it was 40 years ago. In the morning mist, you will recognize the light of the boat, sailing through the rough waves. You will hear the bell ringing, directing the captain approaching the pier…

Gunkanjima Shrine and the Moon

Pacific Ocean and Hashima

Gunkanjima Rooftop Slide

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