Ine traditional boathouses at night, Japan coast town

The Funaya of Ine

Nestled on a strip between land and sea, this picturesque village with its houses on stilts offers a landscape of rare beauty.

Serene Bamboo Pathway in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Sagano, better known as Arashiyama, is a vast area in Ukyo-ku district, northwest of Kyoto city, encircled by Mounts Ogura and Atago and the Katsura river.

Natadera Temple: Serene Japanese Shrine Amidst Verdant Landscape

Natadera Temple

Natadera Temple, in the suburb of Komatsu (Ishikawa prefecture) a few kilometres from Kanazawa city, belongs to the Shingon Buddhist sect.

Imposing war memorial tower against sunset skyline.

Osaka Great Peace Tower

This oddly designed tower is a cenotaph, in other words a funerary monument that doesn’t contain human remains but was erected in memory of a person, or group of people.

Mesmerizing Otsu Beach Winter Seascape

La Plage aux Cristaux d’Otsu

La « Jewelry Ice » est un phénomène totalement unique, observable à la plage d’Otsu, dans la ville de Toyokoro, à Hokkaido. Durant l’hiver, la rivière Tokachi qui coule à proximité de cette ville de pêcheurs gèle sous...

Aerial Mandala-like Vegetation Formation in Japan

The mysterious forest circles of Miyazaki

I didn’t happen across these strange circles of trees while soaring over the Japanese landscape but, like many curious folk, I found them on social networks. As these always show the same photos, I decided to check them...

Rural Japans Hidden Gem: Nagoro Village

Nagoro : The Village of Dolls

For those who enjoy driving and don’t find cliffs and mountain switchbacks too scary, the Iya Valley offers magnificent landscapes and dozens of remote little villages, each one more piquant than the last.

Abandoned overgrown village path through lush foliage.

Itaibara : Tottori’s Forgotten Hamlet

Quitting the autoroute that leads to the town of Chizu, I take a mountain road. It’s typical of this terrain where you often come across deer, foxes, monkeys, sometimes even bears, especially early morning just before...