Autumn in Japan is my favorite season. Experiencing the change of colors in the leaves, under a beautiful sky and a nice temperature, there is nothing better.

Enchanted forest with majestic giant tree in Chiba, Japan, exuding mystery and tranquility.

The Giant Maple Tree of Oihara

It’s still early and I leave Tokyo before sunrise. I take the long tunnel and the Aqua-Line bridge to the other side of Tokyo Bay, then follow a small mountain road that loses me somewhere in the heart of Chiba...

Hannya-ji Temple in Japan with vibrant cosmos flowers, showcasing cultural and spiritual beauty.

Hannya-ji: The Cosmos Temple

Nara is very pretty with plenty of hidden corners to visit that I’ll try to help you discover. One of my autumn favourites is Hannya-ji Temple.

Awe-inspiring Amanohashidate sandbar with lush surroundings and majestic mountains in Japan.


According to a Japanese philosopher, Amanohashidate is one of the three most famous views of Japan ... along with Matsushima and Miyajima.