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Foxes in Gunma

Autumn at Sakurayama & Rikugien

Sakurayama is a unique place in Japan : this is a mountain where koyo (autumn’s leaves) and sakura (cherry blossom) gather in an original union.

Sakurayama is a unique place in Japan : this is a mountain where koyo (autumn’s leaves) and sakura (cherry blossom) gather in an original union.

Sakurayama Path

Sakurayama and its Fuyuzakura

There are clouds far off, and we can already feel the air moistened. The rain is close and I have to hurry taking pictures ! After a little intensif trek, but short (20 minutes), we’re at the top of Sakuyama, the ‘Sakura’s mountain’, from where we can enjoy the famous Fuyuzakura (winter’s sakura).

Sakura Surrounded by Autumn Leaves

Delicate Winter Sakura

Fuyuzakura (Winter Blossom)

Subtle Winter Sakura

Sakura and Autumn Leave

Camellia in Autumn

Isn’t beautiful this blend of autumn’s leaves and sakuras ? I wished to take better pictures but unfortunately we’re really not pampered by the weather. Half an hour after our arrival, it’s hail falling on us!

We go back in car and on the road we come across a couple of cute little foxes. I stop the car and they turn around us, not scared at all ! Great moment.

Japanese Fox

Haruna Shrine (榛名神社)

Haruna is a old shinto sanctuary dating 586. We go very quickly because of the bad weather and the cold, but this is an interesting place to visit (be careful, the walk to the temple itself take time).

Haruna Shrine

Haruna Shrine Bridge

Dead Trees at Haruna Shrine

The spiciest Ramen!

The day passed quickly, and it’s already dinner time. Completely haphazardly, we end in a ramen at Maebashi, Gunma’s capital. An unusual place, a decoration from another time (it’s almost like a haikyo) and a rather funny menu. Me, I choose a spicy ramen : they say this is the most spicy ramen of the century, so I absolutely have to taste it, isn’t it?

The Spiciest Ramen

That happens the ramen broth is untouchable : you burn your taste buds at the slightest touch ! I order rice on the side, just to calm the first pains… and then I’m able to eat enough noodles – slowly – to calm the hunger that tears me ! I tasted an other ramen and it was delicious, a particular taste and extremely fat but perfect to conclude a fresh day like this one. Now it’s a small drawing of Dreamy, added to the golden book of those who savoured that super spicy dish !

Spiciest Ramen Drawing

Rikugien’s garden by night

In bonus, and because it’s not enough to devote an article to it, here it is two pictures taken in Rikugien’s garden. It is absolutely to visit in autumn, by night, and there is even kinds of lighting games with the steam.

Rikugien Garden Autumn By Night

Rikugien Autumn By Night

Translated by Éloise Bouvarel.

Special thanks to my old Canon 7D which was here, replacing my Nikon D800 (slightly messed up by the trip to Okinawa) for all those pictures and which made an honest job. ^^

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  • I really do love those fall pictures.
    Hopefully you are able to someday return and take more for those of us unable to be there.

    • Hello Andrew 🙂 Thanks for your comment. My posts are being translated into English from French and it has been a bit hectic: I actually went back to this place and… that is covered in the post previous to this one 🙂 I really must clean my website sometimes and re-organize it…

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