Enchanting night view of Fuyuzakura cherry trees at Sakurayama Park in autumn, Japan.
Breathtaking night scene of illuminated Fuyuzakura cherry trees at Sakurayama Park in Japan.

Sakurayama : The Fuyuzakura Mountain

Sakurayama is a mountain with sakura (cherry blossom) quite peculiar. Those ones bloom during autumn!

Autumn is always a splendid reason for me to travel around Tokyo. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any chance this year: twice, I was in wonderful places but… under the rain! This prank was finally butt kicked at the very last moment so that I can enjoy at least once joys of the season.

Welcome in Sakurayama again

To enjoy this rare day of good weather, I came back to Sakuyama. I already went here last year but unfortunately the blossom mountain wasn’t it that much. But this year, we are very luckier.

The Koyo and the Sakura

Sakurayama, for slackers or the news who didn’t have joy to appreciate last year’s article, is a mountain with sakura (cherry) quite peculiar. Those ones bloom during autumn ! But they’re called here winter sakura. The folk side of this mountain is that its cherry blossoms marry with autumn’s colors ! A very beautiful scene, but I have to say it, quite hard to photograph. Here is a test.

Hazy Little White Flowers

Standard Koyo Trees

Toward Sakurayama Top

Autumn Sunset in Sakurayama

Sweet Autumn

Red Sakura

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Une Fougère

Silky Fire

Romantic Cherry Flower Road

Le Fuyuzakura

The little travel surprise is looming at nightfall. The lights twinkle, and slowly brighten. The sky is still blue but gradually the air get cold and leaves redden.

Le Vieux Photographe

Orange Waterfall

Blue Orange Autumn

Yellow Waterfalls

Sakurayama Bridge

Koyo Tornado

The minutes run. Stars and white flowers sparkle quietly in the night. People whisper, sometimes they kiss, but most of the time, they are looking for the most beautiful scenes. This is fairy-like.

Night Koyo Scenery

Sakura and Koyo in the Night

Article translated by Éloise.

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