Spring is the best season in Japan, with all those cherry blossoms, the fresh green, the nice weather.

Tranquil beauty of Nishinoshimas Kuniga Coast with grazing horses and mist-covered mountains.

Oki Islands: Nishinoshima

I love the Japanese islands. They seem uninhabited and yet, there’s always … something. On Nishinoshima (Nishino Island), it’s wasn’t just the stunning landscapes, freely ranging animals, or a 800-yen oyster, I...

Enchanting cherry blossoms at Yoshinoyama, Japan - a mesmerizing floral display against blue sky.

Yoshinoyama, The Cherry-blossom Mountain

Mount Yoshino is the most famous sakura site in Japan. With more than 30,000 cherry trees covering the whole mountain, the very idea seems fantastic. But is this really the best site? To get off to a good start, here’s...

Tranquil white cherry blossoms in bloom at Shinjuku Garden, Tokyo, against red foliage backdrop.

Yet Another Spring Comes in Japan

Last year when I first arrived in Japan, I was really looking forward to my first Hanami. But unfortunately the earthquake happened just before the warm south wind came, and everyone was told to constrain themselves and...