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Nagano with Friends: Jigokudani

Nagano with Friends: Jigokudani

Let us continue our adventure story in Nagano with dear Dreamy‘s drawing. If you missed the previous episode, it is here. We are going to watch the famous Jigokudani monkeys bathing in onsens …

Let’s Go!

Dreamy Nagano Departure

Dreamy Nagano Departure

Arriving at Jigokudani

Dreamy Nagano Departure

Dreamy Nagano Departure

Let’s annoy the little monkeys…:)

Monkey Eating Snow

animal, monkey, natural, nature

Jigokudani Monkey

As you can see, they welcome photographers with quick uppercuts in the face here. So be careful if you plan to visit the park … monkeys are certainly not the best friends of man 😉

animal, monkey, natural, nature

Jigokudani Entrance

Let’s look for more stories with Dreamy in Nagano ! ^^

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  • *jawdrop* Your photos of the monkeys are so stunning!
    I went there as well – a few winters ago. I spent about 4h outside with the monkeys. It was insanely cold, but I just couldn’t stop taking photos! ^^

    • Thanks ^^ Actually I used a flash and a fisheye for all of them… which they didn’t appreciate much, as you can see 😉 I really wanted to have fisheyed monkey faces though it was very hard to approach them too much :p


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