Starry night sky in Ogushi, Japan - breathtaking view of Milky Way galaxy.
Breathtaking view of the Milky Way galaxy in the starry night sky of Ogushi, Japan.

The Milky Way ~ A Nocturnal Hiatus

When we looked up, a miracle revealed itself: billions of stars and the milky way stretched from one side of the sky to another.

It is on the road to a very far away and very high above haikyo. Unfortunately, the path was blocked by snow, we had to stop. But when we looked up, a miracle revealed itself: billions of stars and the milky way stretched from one side of the sky to another. I stopped the engine, turned off the lights. There is only us, the stars, and the whole universe in between. Only a little story is missing. And hopefully no bears will come and munch on us.

The Milky Way in Gunma.

The Weaving Princess and the Cow Herder Star

Once upon a time, the Weaving Princess was making silk dresses for the other fairies. One day, she fells in love with the Cow Herder Star. The Cow Herder Star lives on Earth with his herd of cows, and plays the flute from the morning till the night. One day, she decided to live with him, but her father, the Sky King, forces her to come back to the sky. He accepts nevertheless to have the Cow Herder Star coming up there as well, at the condition he takes care of the cows in the sky for him. The Cow Herder Star flies up with no hesitation.

The Milky Way in Gunma.

They were both so much in love that they forgot everything about their responsibilities. The Sky King, however, doesn’t, and got angry. He threw his daughter to the East Bank of the Silver River, and sent the boyfriend away on the opposite bank. And of course, the river, is wide, really wide…

The Milky Way in Gunma.

They ask the dad a last chance. The Sky King, finally really kind, decided to let them meet each other once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th month. Ever since, they always meet on that day, and they are so happy each time that tears of joy fly through the sky. Yeah.

Onsen in Gunma by Night.


There are a few versions of that story and mine is one of them. In Japan, the two lovers are called Orihime and Hikoboshi. Each of them represent an actual star : Vega and Altar. Those stars actually meet one a year, and the rest of the time they are separated by the Milky Way. On that very special day called Tanabata, the Japanese write their wishes on little papers and hang them on bamboos. If you want more information about it, or simply to find out about the dates, click on that image (website of the Tokyo International Committee) :


It’s of course a very good day for the shooting stars. The day I took those photos wasn’t actually a special day, but I was so amazed and delighted by the wonderful show that I couldn’t say anything but a single, stupid but true sentence : “Like is crazy. Really crazy.”

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