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According to a Japanese philosopher, Amanohashidate is one of the three most famous views of Japan (along with Matsushima and Miyajima). This is the Heavenly (amano) Bridge (hashi). I stopped off there mainly because it was on the way to another destination that I’ll cover later.


A 3.4 km long tongue of sand drawing a line along the middle of Miyazu bay, there isn’t much on it except pines and sand. Tourists come specially to admire the view from a distance, either from Amanohashidate View Land or Kasamatsu Park.

Amanohashidate View Land

Ideal for families, there is a small amusement park at the top and a fine view. In autumn, the mountains are also very colourful, surprisingly enough.


Look, there seems to be some beautiful beaches! In summer, it’s mostly locals who come to swim there, especially children. Personally I’d prefer the beach at Toyooka city which is not so far from there neither.


The amusement park is lucky to have this view because otherwise it would surely be deserted. Not even a cat in the Ferris wheel! The attraction is simply to watch Japanese visitors take pictures of one another looking at the view, back to the bay, head between legs! This position, called matanozoki, gives the impression that the bridge is really suspended in the sky.


The sun is setting so I hurry to the other viewpoint, right on the opposite side (30 minutes drive). If you have time, the sanctuary of Motoise Kono is also a very pleasant place to visit.

Kasamatsu Park

You go up in a chairlift, which isn’t very reassuring. Luckily there are nets below (have a good look, there’s plenty of stuff lying down there).


The view is beautiful but it’s almost 17.00 … and the sun has already Japanese time zone is completely out of line and to really enjoy your day you’d have to get up at 5 in the morning. Better to visit this spot in spring at sunrise.

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Then I leave to wander around on Amanohashidate, but after 18.00 I’m all alone in total darkness. So I go back to the ryokan for the evening meal. If you don’t (much) like crab, be warned! Matsuba crab is a local speciality and if you are staying in a traditional inn it’ll be served up with everything! I’ve nothing against it but there it was really crab overdose for me.


The tourist office has a website with plenty of information so I invite you to take a look here: Miyazu Amanohashidate.

  • Hm. Looks like I have to visit once more … in autumn. Last time I went in early summer. ^^

    • In summer it must be very nice too! Actually I have seen photos with snow and I feel jealous… now it’s winter time but I didn’t get any good shots 🙁

  • I would like just point these two things out.
    “Personally I’d prefer the beach at Toyooka city, left corner of photo.” The top left of the picture is still Miyazu. Toyooka is about an hour away from Miyazu. Also, I see that you have this posted in Hyogo, but Amanohashidate is in Kyoto.

    • Of course you are right! Not sure why I set it as Hyogo. The beach on the left, that’s funny, it’s actually a translation issue and I didn’t notice it 🙂 Thanks a lot for helping me making things right!

      • Actually, many Japanese people think Amanohashidate is in Hyogo prefecture and not Kyoto.
        I live in the next city over from Miyazu, Maizuru City.

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