Impressive RX-78-2 Gundam statue in urban setting with bustling crowd and modern buildings.
Massive RX-78-2 Gundam statue towering over urban crowd, surrounded by modern buildings.

Gundam Odaiba 2012

I have persuaded Gundam to come back to Tokyo, landing in Odaiba once more.

My friend from England used to have his facebook profile picture of this Gundam, it was back in 2009, and I was so jealous of those lucky fellows. As a matter of fact, God or Gundam always answer the prayers of those who are faithful. I have persuaded Gundam to come back to Tokyo, landing in Odaiba once more.

Historical and technical information about this RX-78-2 Gundam can be found on Gundam Wiki. If you want to go and meet Gundam in Odaiba as well, they have a English website to guide you.

Full Size Gundam Odaiba

The weather was as good as it could be, thus it was not so hard to make Gundam look handsome.

Smoke Gundam Odaiba

And we were lucky enough to have the show started straight away, the Gundam is alive! Its head moving, engine starting. Ready to take off!

Gundam Odaiba Chest

Gundam Odaiba Eye

Each part of it was made according to the original blue-print. Each bit so accurate, so gigantic, so impressive. Gundam fan or not, you simply cannot stop pressing the shutter.

Gundam Odaiba

Hand of Gundam Odaiba

Gundam Odaiba Feet

Gundam Odaiba Top

For a fantastic video about what Gundam is made off with some nice music is definitely worth checking as well!


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