Tranquil snowy night in Roppongi, Tokyo, with vibrant yellow bike covered in snow.
A vibrant yellow bicycle covered in snow stands alone in a serene winter night in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Snow Storm in Roppongi


  • Alas, we don’t have nearly that much snow here where I live in the US. And I live further north latitude then Tokyo. 🙁

  • Hello. I am from China and I am extremely fond of Japanese culture. I really like your articles and photos. Good luck with your exploration! 🙂

    • Hello Ashiroy! I used to live in China (in Dalian, exactly). Where are you from? You maybe don’t know this but Totoro Times is not popular at all in China. I only have very very few visitors. So I am really glad you are here 🙂 Do you have access to Facebook? Did you like the Totoro Times page? Would love to have you around more.

      • Oh Dalian is a really good city and I have been there. I believe Dalian used to be some kind of colonized by Japan, so there might be some interesting relation between Dalian and Japan.

        I am from Zhuhai, a sea town near Hong Kong and Macau. I love Totoro page very much not only because its amazing articles and photos about JP but also because I am a big fan of Ghibli ! As you may know, China is a country that does not pay much attention to copyrights, and therefore most works of Ghibli spread in China are pirate, but I buy all of CDs of Ghibli, instead of watching on the Internet, and them. I think your blog is interesting enough to attract an influx of Chinese people. I plan to buy your book, even though I am not good at Japanese :p

        I have Facebook but since facebook (twitter, google and ins as well)is blocked in China, most of my friends do not use it frequently, and seldom I 🙁 (we can use VPN to have access in these blocked sites, though) I am very glad to meet you, and I hope we could have a nice communication.

        btw, could you tell me what you went to China for? I am curious. Thank you.

        • I lived in Dalian for some kind of master diploma in software engineering. I was actually not going to class that much, most of the times I was riding cheap trains all around the country! I actually have a blog with my old photos. It was in 2005 🙂 Long time ago…

          I don’t know Zhuhai but actually I plan to visit this area, there are a few places I really really want to see soon. Probably in September.

          If you are interested in my book in Japanese I can send it to you and sign it! I don’t use Renren so you can contact me at the bottom of this page: Let’s talk 🙂