Discover the enchanting alleyways of historic Shibu Onsen, Japan, filled with lantern-lit wooden buildings.
Explore the lantern-lit alleyways of historic Shibu Onsen, Japan, for a glimpse into its captivating cultural heritage.

Nagano with Friends: Departure

What about traveling with us to Nagano guys? All in drawings?

What about traveling with us to Nagano guys? All in drawings? (hey, the rebels in the back, shut up!) Here is the first episode of a new comic series drawn by our dear chinky minx Dreamy! And it is her first comic strip translated in English! Such a pleasure for Totoro Times!

For me, it is natural to share our adventures and visits via incredible stories and amazing photos (yeah, I’m licking my nose here!), but I was missing something important: our crew and all the fun details of on the way! Indeed, our travels are always with friends and are fulfilled with anecdotes. So this time we’d like to have you closer with us, on the Nagano trip. Let’s go!

A very cold morning in February 2012…

Roppongi Sunset Fuji Mount

A “Dreamy” is rising…

Dreamy Nagano Departure

All is perfectly normal in Roppongi…

Roppongi Futsu Morning

And our team eventually gets complete…

Dreamy Nagano Departure

Watch out! We’ll soon be in Nagano!

The rest of the story will come soon, and will be happening in Nagano of course. Meanwhile, pay a visit to Dreamy’s blog and look forward to more fun stuff yet to come!

Yamanouchi Onsen

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