Soapland - Dreamland
Dreamland of pleasures.

Queen Chateau Soapland, Ibaraki

Back to Queen Chateau Soapland! I really wanted to return to Ibaraki just to visit this old dilapidated brothel-like hotel haunted mansion. The first time, I went with my Japanese companion (Satoshi) who fled cowardly and I had to follow him, but this time I will go with my French friend. This mansion is truly a “Soapland”: brothels with baths.

Back to Queen Chateau Soapland! I really wanted to return to Ibaraki just to visit this old dilapidated brothel-like hotel haunted mansion. The first time, I went with my Japanese companion (Satoshi) who fled cowardly and I had to follow him, but this time I will go with my French friend. This mansion is truly a "Soapland”: brothels with baths.

Soapland - Queen Chateau Ibaraki

The small red triangle on a window indicates that this is the emergency exit in case of fire. Japanese firefighters know this is where they must put their ladder to rescue prostitutes accompanied by their salary-men. What a strange situation. We took a tour of the mansion, because unfortunately the main entrance was impossible to use.

Soapland - Back Orifice

The back entrance is smashed! Inside it smells burnt and musty. It is also very dark and the place does not inspire confidence at all! This is why my Japanese friend was frightened. But this time I go there.

Soapland - Kitchen

The owner of a love-hotel nearby said that a homeless had died here. It's not very shocking, homeless can die anywhere … but I hope they did not let their body rot here, as it is the case for all these centuries old people that one finds for decades after their death in their own beds! That is very murky, and it is not haikyo.

Soapland - Gloomy Path

After a little walk in the mud and in the dark, we arrive in a much brighter hallway.

Soapland - Rocking Chair

We're finally here. Queen Chateau Soapland, this is what you look like! Here, the main hall. Basically, above the stairs, a message is written: "If you ride, you die." Alright.

Soapland - Main Lobby

Near the front door, the phone reception, which probably provides the communication with the chambers. Each row of keys must match floor, and the keys each room.

Soapland - Fancy Abandoned Telephone

There is a lot of audio and video equipment in this room. There must have been a non-stop show of sounds and lights.

Soapland - HIFI

Before climbing the stairs of death, I take a picture of the hunter haikyo I became, in case…

Soapland - Ceiling

That was the official entrance. Behind you can see that there is a barricade.

Soapland - Door

Do not skimp on the photos, it's gone, I take another with the "companions" (that's how they are called in soaplands!).

Soapland - Memory

Obviously, there are many people who go to the dubious haikyo (and I actually go now) and some engage in occupations more than strange … I noticed on several occasions tags or drawings of an equivalent haikyo to another, a way of saying "I was there!”but here there, it’s just a Polaroid photo of the torso of the guy who serves as a souvenir.

Soapland - Japanese Body

Haaaaa, the stairs of death! I'm not supposed to have stayed alive after leaving this place!

Soapland - Stairs

Well, so far so good. From here we see the vegetation recover. Strangely, I feel I've returned to normal, as if a healing was taking place, a kind of nature coagulation.

Soapland - Windows

Here we are upstairs in the hallway, plunged into darkness. The rooms are there.

Soapland - Corridor

We enter a room. Perfect time to approach the subject of the ritual of Soapland. The salary-men sit naked (of course) on the plastic seat, the sukebe-isu ("seat perverse"). The seat is split down the middle … to make room for your imagination … or simply cleaning the client both externally and internally. Be clean, it's always better.

Soapland - Dreamland

I'm not sure what this strange seat on the right. It looks like a torture device! (but I am to find out the answer below in the comments).

Soapland - Water Sex Toys

Once all cleaned up, the client moves into the small hot tub where he is relaxing with his companion. He talks about the stress of work, his boss, who makes strange decisions that he cannot disagree with, his wife who sucks all his money to eat lunch at the best restaurants in Tokyo with her girlfriends (and in addition he suspects her of sleeping with nasty aliens !)and that the only thing he is left is to go with his friends "salary-men" to the izakaya and drink beer (and go to prostitutes). Imagine the prostitute approving him on his side while tickling. Cozy and friendly atmosphere at will.

Soapland - Bath
Soapland - Steamy Bath

I had a sense that one is there really in the jacuzzi! Strange. Too hot, too cold? I do not know really. The client then moves on an air mattress, and the companion puts on an oily lotion, to join him there later. And later, if the salary-men still has a little strength, he is entitled to a last session on a real bed worthy of the name!

Soapland - Dirty Bed

A queen was chosen here because the prostitutes are said to be awa-hime (queens) regarding their refinement (sexually speaking).

Soapland - Queen of Hearts

The soaplands are everywhere in Japan, especially in Kabukicho (Tokyo), the capital of sex in Japan. We leave silently the soapland to go a little deeper into the countryside, we have a little time and visit a sort of factory dating from World War II.

Soapland - Overgrown

Curious machinery is located inside, dating from another time…

Soapland - Looks Interesting

Even a boiler rocket from NASA's there. What a discovery!

Soapland - NASA Rocket

This boiler looks like a Japanese robot, all right out of a Japanese animated movie.

Soapland - Ghibli Robot

Two large ovens can also be found here. It remains to understand what this all served for…

Soapland - Ovens
Soapland - Firestarter

And here is the plant on the way back. It's getting dark, too bad I would have stayed a bit longer…

Soapland - Factory

Thank you for following these haikyo adventures and see you soon for more!

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  • Great pictures! love the stories as well 🙂 i believe the strange seat you are referring to on the right in that photo is a personal sauna or sweat box.

    • Thanks Adrea! This place was one of my very first exploration, everything felt so weird and magic at the same time! It seems this place is quite dangerous, because owned by yakuzas, and most explorers avoid it…

  • Hi Jordy, I work for a TV production company, and interested in talking to you about featuring on our show. Its for an international series on Alternative tourist. We need an urban explorer like yourself. please email me on

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