Decaying elegance: Abandoned villa staircase in Belgium, showcasing bygone opulence and neglect.
Discover the haunting beauty of an abandoned villa staircase in Belgium.

Residential Urbex in Belgium

After the trip to the dark side of Belgium, we continue our journey to the residential area. The first destination is the Château Grammaire.

After the trip to the dark side of Belgium, we continue our journey to the residential area. The first destination is the Château Grammaire.

Urbex - Château Grammaire

It is a beautiful villa built in 1920, but is facing a destruction soon: a LIDL supermarket is replacing it. Inside the house, the view from the top of the stairs is very beautiful indeed.

Urbex - Grammaire - Escheresque

The abandoned houses in Belgium tend to be quite empty, unlike the ones in Japan. Let us go visit the next one, suppose to have many small treasures inside, l'Atelier Décor, not every place is empty after all. 

Urbex - Atelier Décor

The view from outside is quite spooky. The house seemed to have grown out of the earth, with green plants all over it.

Urbex - Atelier Décor - Reception

The house is simple enough, but the lobby is very special: it looks like a cave with holes overlooking the ivy leaves. There is also a strange mosaic in the middle of the floor. But the most interesting part not the house itself, but the workshop attached to it.

Urbex - Atelier Décor - Painting

Painting, sculpture, almost everything you need, even things to decorate the garden. This place is a real treat to the eyes because it has beautiful colors and arranged scenes that enlightened the originally dark atmosphere!

Urbex - Atelier Décor - Workshop

On the way, we passed by the 'Hôtel DG, with many empty rooms and a half ruined roof, which has later became our playground. As I always say, it is quite interesting to take pictures from on top of the roof.

Urbex - Hôtel DG

The next destination is one of the most famous ruins in the urbex world in Belgium, yet its location was kept secret. The current owner uses the land to play paintball regularly (our first attempt to visit was blocked by the paintball game). You'd better be careful walking around.

Urbex - Château Torrance

The ground floor gives the impression of an ersatz tour of the Versailles. However, the rooms on the other  floors have much less of a character.

Urbex - Torrance King Room

The castle library contains hundreds of books, most of them still  properly stored. It seems like there are not many marauders in this country … in France it would have been completely emptied or smashed!

Urbex - Torrance Library

Another unusual place is the Château du Grand-Ferrand. The former restaurant menu is full of wine, and there are still many bottles,cups, tables and chairs. Everything seems well organized. Ready to serve!

Urbex - Château Montferrand

To finish our tour of small castles, we visited the Château Amon-Ré. Its lobby was completely covered in Egyptian paintings. We had to light up the candles here. The owner really ensured the place being well fenced with all windows properly closed and barricaded.

Urbex - Amon Ré

Change of scenery! We are now in an insane asylum, the Salve Mate! It's a must when the night falls!

Urbex - Salve Mater

A strange atmosphere haunts this place. One might still hear the cries of its occupants from time to time.

Urbex - Salve Mater - Last Judgment

In the middle of a room with the lighting effects from hell and a doll lying around. Were there also children patients here? Or was the doll a companion for an elderly?

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Let's now leave the asylum for the refreshing air of the Belgian countryside … together with an opportunity to visit a small and quiet abandoned church: Agnus Dei.

Urbex - Abandoned Church

There was definitely a big fire that put an end to this church.The entrance was completely devoured by the black smoke.

Urbex - Agnus Dei

And now, that's all for Belgium! We head back in France, to enjoy the last few hours of Paris, before returning to the radiated Tokyo.

Urbex - Going Back

The holidays are over! From now on items will be concentrated on Japan again, then you soon 🙂

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