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Tokyo Tower, Shining at Night

Tokyo Tower, Shining at Night

During my Malaysian friend CK’s visit, we decided to go to see Tokyo Tower by night, from the Observation deck of Roppongi Mori Tower. It was actually right on top of the roof, which is 238 meters high. The strong wind messed up our hair, it was quite impressive.

Tokyo Tower Night - Roppongi Hills III

On this picture, you can see Tokyo Tower surrounded by a ‘ring of fire’; car lights on the Shuto Express surrounded the tower.  This ring road starts from Roppongi (home sweet home, for all the prostitutes as well!) to Daimon around Tokyo Bay. This is exactly the same way that Metro Oedo runs.

Tokyo Tower Night - Roppongi Hills

Tokyo Tower is at the east of Mori Tower. In the picture above, we are looking towards the west.

Tokyo Tower Night - Roppongi Hills II

The road here starts also from Roppongi, and carries on to Shibuya (from here we can see it starts and disappears). We can guess the building at the end is QFront, even by looking at the back of it. Now let us have a look at the Northwest.

Tokyo Tower Night - Roppongi Hills IV

At the back over here, it is Shinjuku. The buildings are very easy to be recognized, especially the Cocoon Tower, and also the duplicate of the ‘Empire State Building’ which is closer to Roppongi.  Below is a picture taken from a boat near Tokyo bay.

Tokyo Tower Night - Tokyo Bay

Tokyo Tower in Fauchon style! To finish it, here is a picture taken from Roppongi at the beginning of 2011. At that time, the antenna on the top of Tokyo tower is still straight; it is not any more, as an aftereffect of the great Tohoku earthquake.

Tokyo Tower Night - Hills

P.S. It is forbidden to take tripod into Mori Tower, but I sneaked in my Gorilla Pod. It was not easy to take pictures with the strong wind, the tower itself was shaking naturally all the time, and I cannot find a way to stabilize my camera.

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.