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Abandoned Hospitals in Japan

Abandoned Hospitals in Japan

I have always found hospital quite a troublesome place, but abandoned hospital is a completely different matter. These haikyo hospitals always attract me, especially the very old ones in Japan. They possess magical and enchanting powers; thus when you walk around, there tends to be many mysterious encounters. Let us discovery 3 abandoned hospital together!

The Nichitsu Ghost Town Clinic

Located in Saitama Prefecture, Nichitsu is a former mining village lost among the mountains. The mine was abandoned some thirty years ago, same was the village. However,the houses are not demolished at all, even a lot personal belongings can still be found there. Did they all leave in a hurry? because the telephones line still works!

Abandoned Hospitals - Nichitsu Ghost Town

Inside there are many karaoke machines (and many cassette tapes), manga books, countless pornography (magazines and videos), piles of gundam models, a giant pikachu … Was this a place for young kids only? But anyways, we are not here for all these.

Abandoned Hospitals - Room in Nichitsu

The clinic is at a corner of the Nichitsu village, hidden behind the trees. From the outside it does not seem to be in a very good condition, and the easiest access happens to be one of the windows. Let’s go!

Abandoned Hospitals - Nichitsu Clinic

The interior is in a very bad status as well, there is no floor left even! Rooms are on both side of the main corridor, and the most interesting one is the doctor’s room!

Abandoned Hospitals - Doctor's Room

This doctor has a collection of medical portions and human organs which are more or less recognizable in jars. Once upon a time, there is even a human brain! Unfortunately, it seems that Hannibal has been there … and the brain is gone forever. But anyways, there are still many other jars left, we really should have bought our wasabi for this.

Abandoned Hospitals - Ear in a jar

Abandoned Hospitals - Organ In A Jar

An organ in a jar.

Abandoned Hospitals - Organ In A Jar II

Another organ in a jar. Looks like a salmon sashimi.

It would be great to identify the remains, but I have no idea what they are (except the ear).

Abandoned Hospitals - Shears and Tears

We continue the visit with the scanner room, the dentist’s office,the operating room. The places are atill recognizable despite the fact that they are proper trashed.

abandoned, france, french, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex, village

abandoned, france, french, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex, village

I have been to this clinic twice, with one year interval, and most of the bodies parts disappeared during that year. This place is very frequently visited, and each time I came there are other visitors(American tourists and Japanese couples). During my second visit, I had a bit more time so I took the opportunity to get my two figurines Haruki and Yoko a special shooting session.

Abandoned Hospitals - Sexy Yoko

Abandoned Hospitals - Drunk Haruhi

And just before leaving, a little scan of the lungs! Just to check they are still in good condition after all these puffs of asbestos.

Abandoned Hospitals - Asbestos Check

Here ends our tour to the Nichitsu clinic, one the most famous haikyo clinics. It is found in many books and blogs, and often discussed about on the Japanese forums, especially about the mysterious disappearance of Nichitsu Brain.

The Ghost Clinic

The following abandoned clinic is a real gem in the haikyo world. It is almost unknown and very hard to find, which might be the reason why it is so good. I also have a nickname for it myself. The Ghost Clinic.

Abandoned Hospitals - Ghost's Clinic

A visit to the old abandoned clinic has always been the climax of my trips. Before entering, I have only seen one picture of the inside of this clinic but it seemed really exciting already. But the thrill was still when I finally faced the beautiful place herself! Past the front door, we find ourselves in a small waiting room with just one chair. It is completely in the dark, but there is a door in front (the examination room) and a small window on the right behind which happens to be the pharmacy; drugs and payments were to be exchanged through the small opening in the wall. Let’s see what’s behind.

Abandoned Hospitals - Pharmacy Counter

What a surprise! The pharmacy is full of little medicine bottles. It seems that they prepare the medicine themselves here, many bottles contained only the crude ingredients or weird-looking mixtures.

Abandoned Hospitals - Pharmacy

Abandoned Hospitals - Dreamy Potions

Then I tried to look into the content of these glass bottles. In the photo below on the left, for example, there was Coramine, a stimulant used against overdoses …Junkies! The Japanese salarymen were lost in their vicious circles already at that time?!

Abandoned Hospitals - For Your Curry

Here is the workshop of the pharmacist. By the way, do you know a saying “Idiot of the Alps”? It was a term describing the so-called “stupid” farmers living in the mountains; their impaired intellectual development was due to the lack of iodine. That is why salt is always iodized today, and of course…… especially in the Alps! I found a lot of iodine in these bottles here, perhaps for a similar reason?

Abandoned Hospitals - Pharmacy Desk

Being in complete darkness, taking pictures in this room was not easy at all! Manual focus, long exposure with the tripod, and painting with torch light drained out 2 of my batteries. But with pleasure, of course.

japan, japanese, shikoku

Abandoned Hospitals - Stock of Medicine

After the pharmacy I went to the observation room. An old wooden bed, a haunted looking chair, papers, doctor’s tool-case, everything was still there. What an incredible place, I can hardly believe my eyes.

Abandoned Hospitals - Doctor's Room

Abandoned Hospitals - Tiny Jars

At the back there was another room: the doctor’s private area. This is probably where he concocts his special secrete recipes! And strangely, there was a large jar containing a brain-looking object! Could this be the missing Nichitsu Brain!? In addition there is a library with many books in German. Be aware that a Japanese doctors must study in German! Germany has contributed significantly to the modernization of Japan (especially in the field of medicine) in the late nineteenth century.

Abandoned Hospitals - Doctor's Private Room

The house is large, obviously the doctor lived there with his family. There was a large dining room (with a wonderful Butsudan), a kitchen, bedrooms upstairs and … a ghost! Believe me, I jumped so high at the sight of it! We also discovered numerous documents and newspapers, most recent one dated 1962; it was therefore abandoned 50 years ago!

Abandoned Hospitals - The Ghost

It is now time to leave this wonderful relic, and visit a clinic a bit more modern.

Ibaraki Hospital

The third and final haikyo of this article is a hospital, not so old this time. Actually, it is probably from the same period as the previous one but located in the middle of a large urban area. The entrance to the hospital is guarded by a beautiful Japanese lady in blue and green. Let’s explore this new world!

Abandoned Hospitals - Naked Japanese Girl

There are several buildings around, including the most modern are rejected our entrance with large padlocks; the old ones are a bit behind, one of them is a medical school! We will visit the school at the end.

abandoned, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

The doors of the old hospital are locked as well, but fortunately for us one of the windows can be opened very easily. So the tour starts! It need to be done quickly however, as the sun is starting to set already.

Abandoned Hospitals - Ibaraki Door

The main hall of the hospital reminded me of old Japanese schools. With the same small signs at the entrance to each room!

Abandoned Hospitals - Ibaraki Main Corridor

This hospital was in fact moved to a newly built place, and old machines were left unusable here, scattered randomly every where.

abandoned, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

abandoned, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

You cannot be too tall at all to fit in the wheelchair. And a bit to the right, there are some room.

Abandoned Hospitals - Wheelchair

The Ambiance was strange but interesting at the same time. Although it was a shame that the rooms are no longer in their original status. The operating room, however, is still recognizable not only by the presence of a surgical bed.

Abandoned Hospitals - Surgical Bed

abandoned, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

abandoned, haikyo, japan, japanese, ruin, urban exploration, urbex

Before the night stats completely, we move on to the next building.

Abandoned Hospitals - Pandora Box

The medical school is pretty simply and empty, but there was beautiful lighting and a strong smell of moldy wood. I finished exploring around every single corner in about 10 minutes.

Abandoned Hospitals - Classroom

And on the way back a small doll was watching us. Difficult to turn your back, it is hardly reassuring! But it will be our last memory of this old abandoned hospital.

Abandoned Hospitals - Doll

Our brief tour is now ended. I would love to add one more hospital, which was ranked to be the most popular in Japan. It is called Kenshin Hospital (恵 心病 院), famous for its graffiti and its many stories of children who came messing around and getting into fights here. Or maybe they are just here for the dare (to set a whole floor on fire, for example!). For the above reasons, it was completely demolished in 2010. You can still see pictures of this place everywhere. If you like abandoned hospitals, stay with us! There are more coming soon! By the way, which one is your favorite so far?

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