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The Torii of Miyajima

The Torii of Miyajima

For a lot of people, Hiroshima and the very famous Miyajima Island are places in Japan that you cannot miss. I was not really attracted by them but… I had to go here, at least once! 🙂

Miyajima Torii #1

I went there during a beautiful December morning with the idea of taking different angle pictures of this famous Torii. Arriving by boat is just exquisite and it is really important to get to the Torii in early hours.

Miyajima Torii #2

After having walked on the heights of its mountain, I went down for a more intimate visit through l’Oeil du Taco, Yann, a French expatriate in Hiroshima.

Miyajima Torii #3

Miyajima Torii #4

I visited the back alleys of Miyajima, I discovered the place where fawns meet together, I took a unique walk in a temple that was even more unique, I ate a lot both grub and junk food. In short, we had a lot of fun in this little island.

Miyajima Torii #5

Miyajima Torii #6

The sun and the sea disappear. At this moment, it is completely a different atmosphere on Miyajima. The large number of tourists is quiet and appreciates the spirit of this place. Its discreet lights shine like will-o-the-wisp that are excited at the idea of narrate us past stories.

Miyajima Torii #7

Miyajima Torii #8

Miyajima Torii #9

Miyajima Torii #10

I advise you to go to this isle with Yann who offers very special tours of Miyajima in order to discover all its secrets and the best spots to take pictures (Hiroshima Safari). If you are keen on safaris, feel free to contact David, so-called the snoop (la fouine), to discover Tokyo (Tokyo Safari) or Angelo, so-called the poet (le poète) to visit Osaka (Osaka Safari).

Who Am I

I am Jordy Meow, a French photographer based in Tokyo. I explore discover offbeat and lesser known places in Japan.