Enigmatic Red Bridge in Gunma, Japan - Tranquil, captivating, mysterious scene in lush nature.

The Usui Pass and the Meganebashi

The contrast of the red and the green surrounding created a perfect balance, peaceful and romantic. In my vision, some girl from the countryside is likely to appear on the bridge on a old fashioned bike...

Explore the decaying antenna in Fuchu, a forgotten relic in natures embrace.

Fuchu Abandoned US Air Force Base

But then I was still hesitating, weighing my judgments. Jing took the initiative and jumped on the fence like a cat on the run! Surprised, I followed without taking a second look behind. After a short dash, we are safe...

Tranquil autumn beauty in Japanese garden with vibrant foliage surrounding serene pond.

Autumn Leaves in Tokyo

When Winnie the pooh is taking a walk with Christopher Robin in the 100 acre wood, it must have be autumn when they looked down the river, and suddenly there is everything you need to know.